Togo: SITRAPAT SA, a new maize processing unit that arouses admiration

The government and the resident representatives of the United Nations system (UNICEF, WFP, FAO), ECOWAS (ARRA) visited this Tuesday, June 23, 2020 the company SITRAPAT SA.

This new industrial unit installed in Tsévié aims to acquire and transform corn into the following by-products: Flour for human consumption, semolina / appetizers, bran and germ for feeding livestock and poultry.

Opportunity for them to visit not only the equipment but also the availability in quantity and quality of flour and other products derived from corn.

The technical and financial partners were impressed by this innovation. This modern processing plant which is the materialization of axis 2 of the PND.

They undertake to support this processing unit by purchasing processed products, which will increase production and create many jobs.

The factory currently employs around 30 people and processes 20 tonnes of corn per day, the company’s goal being to double the workforce and process 50 tonnes in 24 hours.

This company buys all of its raw materials from local farmers. It is also expected that the company will help growers to have good seeds so that they can significantly increase their yield.

According to the government, Togo has grain surpluses in stores. For any purchase, visit the site:

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