Togo / Agri-food: SITRAPAT SA, the big challenge!

Based in Tsévié, 35 km north of Lomé, the Togolese company SITRAPAT SA, which owns the products of the “Ebli Foods” brand, provides the population with various local agri-food products, in particular flour for consumption, semolina for breweries, and bran for consumption by livestock.

It is the result of an investment valued at 3 billion CFA francs. The ambition is to succeed in transforming 50 tonnes of corn per day into flour. This industrial unit currently employs around thirty people who manage to transform 20 tonnes of corn per day, a workforce which should naturally double, given the objectives set.

We finally understood that turning to the processing of local products, will protect the Togolese from several plagues “, explains Marc Ntimon, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SITRAPAT SA to our colleagues at Agri-digitale. .

He says that in terms of texture and physical presentation, the flour from his factory meets all standards. ” Free of all impurities with a reduced rate of aflatoxin, it is a very fine, very white flour that can hold for 6 to 8 months “, he emphasizes.

Information on the start of the activities of this factory was given by the Minister of Agriculture, Animal Production and Fisheries, Noël Koutéra Bataka, through a letter dated March 25, 2020 addressed to the heads of different socio-economic sectors. economic in Togo.

In the dynamic of the implementation of the National Development Plan (PND 2018-2022), and in order to encourage business initiatives to promote our local products, I would be grateful if you would take any measures you would like to take. for your orders and to disseminate information to your various partners, the availability of these local products if necessary », Wrote Minister Noël Bataka

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