The agro-food production plant in Tsévié, SITRAPAT SA, starts its activities

The Minister in charge of Agriculture, Koutéra Bataka, through the management of the “Industrial Company for the Transformation of Tropical Agricultural Products” (SITRAPAT SA), released on Tuesday March 24, a press release announcing the start of production activities. from its factory in Tsévié.

This Togolese company offers its customers a range of local agrifood products, in particular high quality flour for human consumption (available stock: 6,000 tonnes); semolina (gritz) intended for breweries or for human consumption in the form of couscous for steaming (available stock: 5,000 tonnes) and pure bran for animal feed (available stock: 4,050 tonnes) .

In the dynamics of the implementation of the National Development Plan (PND 2018-2022) and in order to encourage business initiatives to promote local products, the Minister invites all Togolese to refuel in case of need in this production unit. He reminds the public that the doors of the SITRAPAT company remain open to all the needs of a better knowledge of their products and manufacturing conditions.

The “Industrial Company for the Transformation of Tropical Agricultural Products” (SITRAPAT) SA, is an industrial unit with the objective of acquiring and transforming corn into derived products, namely: Gritz for breweries; flour, semolina / appetizers for human consumption, bran and germ for feeding cattle and poultry as well as the marketing of all basic products and derivatives.


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