Corn bran which is used as animal feed or directly.


Corn bran is a by-product of dry corn, processing contains husk, bran part and very small amount of starch, the color is pale yellow and the flavor is good, it is rich in mineral substance, the protein content is 6%-9%, rich in organic substances, the digestion rate is higher, it has an obvious effect of livestock and poultry, can replace part of bran, and decrease the cost of feed, it is a kind of low-cost product of feed.

Corn bran is a kind of high protein fodder from corn by fermentation, distillation, evaporation and drying. The fodder not only contains rich protein but also rich in amino acids, vitamin and mineral issues Favorable to the growth of animals.

In addition, without nutritional anti-factor, it is good fodder for poultry, livestock, aquatic products and animals.

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As a new raw fodder nutrient material, the product is suitable for feeding poultry, livestock, aquatic animals and special animals.

It often replaces soybean meal and fish meal in poultry and aquatic animals’ fodder with a maximum admixing proportion of 30% and can feed ruminants directly.

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