The quality and the sanitary safety of the corn products manufactured by SITRAPAT are requirements to satisfy and guarantee the health and the well-being of our consumers. SITRAPAT projects itself as the leader in the production, the manufacture and the distribution of flour, semolina and bran of corn in Togo and at the international level. This vision integrates the realization of a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 22000: 2018 standard.

SITRAPAT’s management has set up a quality management system whose objective is to guarantee the safety and healthiness of foodstuffs and quality services in a context of continuous improvement aimed at satisfying the implicit and explicit expectations of its customers and all its interested parties.

The specific objectives of this policy are

  • 1 – To further satisfy our customers by meeting our commitments
  • 2 – To improve the production of raw materials
  • 3 – To improve the quality of our finished products
  • 4 – To provide the necessary resources for the proper functioning of the SMSDA
  • 5 – To ensure the skills of the personnel, in particular those covering compliance with the SMSDA requirements
  • 6 – Controlling external service providers, and in priority those impacting the safety of our products
  • 7 – Improve the commercial policy for the search of new international markets
  • 8 – Permanently provide our customers with quality products in compliance with the requirements of the FSMS.
  • 9 – To regularly check the level of confidence of our customers.

SITRAPAT is committed to comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements of the relevant stakeholders.

As Managing Director, I am personally committed to ensuring that this policy and its objectives are communicated, understood and implemented to all parties concerned in order to consolidate our image as a leading company.

The SMSDA manager is responsible for chairing the steering committee of the system and for representing me in all matters relating to its deployment.

I invite all SITRAPAT staff to take ownership of this quality policy and all the provisions planned for the operation and dynamic and participatory deployment of the SMSDA within SITRAPAT.

Done in Lomé, on 29 December 2021

The General Manager.



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