Corn flour which is used for human consumption, as well as by bakeries and pastry shops.

Corn flour

Is degermed white corn flour. This is obtained by grinding pure and natural corn, white in color with a grain size between 120-315 microns; With PP bag packaging including 25kg net protective liner; 5x5kg and 2.5kgx10. Corn flour is used for human consumption.


For the consumers of this flour, the satisfaction is total. “Those who are afraid of getting fat by eating dough made from corn flour can now adopt Ebli Foods flour because it has been rid of the germ that makes you fat,” says Estelle Koudawoo, a housewife in Lomé.

“I tested this flour to make bread and it works very well. For the first tests, we used 1/3 of Ebli Foods flour and 2/3 of the SGMT flour, but today we use up to 50% of Ebli Foods flour and 50% of the French one”, says Daniel Agblevon, promoter of the bakery “Glory Bread”.

Farine de maïs


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