Meeting with Marc N’timon, owner of the flour and cornmeal brand EbliFoods

company specializing in processing for the moment corn. It was created in 2018 and is located 35 km from Lomé at the northern exit of the city of Tsévié.

Togo / Agri-food: SITRAPAT SA, the big challenge!

It is the result of an investment valued at 3 billion CFA francs. The ambition is to succeed in transforming 50 tonnes of corn per day into flour. This industrial unit currently employs around thirty people who manage to transform 20 tonnes of corn per day, a workforce which should naturally double, given the objectives set.

The agro-food production plant in Tsévié, SITRAPAT SA, starts its activities

In the dynamics of the implementation of the National Development Plan (PND 2018-2022) and in order to encourage business initiatives to promote local products, the Minister invites all Togolese to refuel in case of need in this production unit.

Togo: SITRAPAT SA offers inexpensive corn flour

Employing more than thirty people, SITRAPAT specializes in the acquisition, processing and marketing of corn into various derived products, such as flour for human consumption, semolina, appetizers and germ for feeding poultry.

Togo: SITRAPAT SA, a new maize processing unit that arouses admiration

The government and the resident representatives of the United Nations system (UNICEF, WFP, FAO), ECOWAS (ARRA) visited this Tuesday, June 23, 2020 the company SITRAPAT SA. This new industrial unit installed in Tsévié aims to acquire and transform corn into the following by-products: Flour for human consumption, semolina / appetizers, bran and germ for feeding...